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[MapleStorySEA] MONSTER FARM: Boosting Characters Passively + Earning Mesos By Extracting Items Using Waru

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1) Monsters have an expiry period of 30 days. ONLY IF THE LIFE OF a NON-special monster or a SPECIAL monster is EXPIRED (ONLY IF THE  LIFE OF THE MONSTER IS EXPIRED), you can choose to extend the life of monsters in your farm instead. If I am not wrong, it requires about 3000 waru to about 130000 waru to give MORE LIFE to a NON-special monster (*depending on monster RANK*), and 4 Monster Life GEMS to extend the life of a normal monster with at least Rank S, or a SPECIAL monster.*** (Right-click on the monster in the monster list.)
(REMINDER: THIS WORKS ONLY IF THE NON-special or SPECIAL monster's life has EXPIRED!!!) Or else, the button "More Life" will be grey (it will not work).)

The 2 links to FaceBook photos below will show the "More Life" button, when the life of a NON-special monster and  a SPECIAL monster, respectively, are not expired:


2) Maximum AMOUNT OF WARU allowed in Monster Farm is 9,999,999 waru.


3) Maximum AMOUNT OF DECORATION POINTS allowed in Monster Farm is BEYOND/MORE THAN 99,999 decoration points - it is up to 999,999 decoration points.

At 180,400 decoration points, the total benefits are as follows:

[1] May increase the additional rate of a selectable monster when combined by 19%.
[2] Increased building's max waru storage by 76.
[3] Shop discount 5%.
[4] Increased chance of special merchant's visit by 38%.
4) The building “MonsterStorage” allows you to move a monster in your farm into it. This is needed if you currently have all monster slots being filled up, and all your monsters are on(can be seen on) your farm. Place the building on the farm, click on the "MonsterStorage" building, and you can select the monster (by double-clicking) to temporarily move into the "MonsterStorage" building. To return a monster in "MonsterStorage" to the farm, click on the "MonsterStorage" building, then double-click the monster inside the "MonsterStorage" building.
5) Spirit Charge button in other players’ farms: “Once recharged, you can disregard fusion limit once.” (This will cost 2 Monster Life GEMS.)

List of stats boosted by NON-BOSS, NON-SPECIAL monster types in monster farm(for those which boost damage):
1) Ex-Race(Demihuman): INT (+2 INT per rank increase)
2) Soldier: STR and INT (+1 STR and +1 INT per rank increase)
3) Devil(Demon): ACCURACY and LUCK (+1 ACCURACY and +1 LUK per rank increase)
4) Monkey & Bear: HIT (+10 HIT per rank increase)
5) Reptile: DEX and INT (+1 DEX and +1 INT per rank increase)
6) Bull(Cow): STR (+2 STR per rank increase)
7) Bird: DEX (+2 DEX per rank increase)
8) Dog: STR and LUK (+1 STR and +1 LUK per rank increase)
9) CAT: LUK (+2 LUK per rank increase)
10) Pig: HP (+50 HP per rank increase. HP increases boosts the buffed damage range of Demon Avenger(HP is the PRIMARY STAT of DEMON AVENGER), Dark Knight(MUST USE Cross Over Chains) and Phantom(Phantom MUST STEAL AND USE the 3rd job skill Cross Over Chains from Dark Knight)
11) Spirit: INT and LUK (+1 INT and +1 LUK per rank increase)
12) Erdas: Item drop rate % increase when killing monsters in Arcane River (+1% item drop rate per rank increase - the damage dealt by non-hyper, non-5th-job skills can increase by using Core Gemstones (low drop rate) to level up equipped (5th job) Core skills; damage range can be increased by using arcane symbols (much lower drop rate) to level up equipped arcane symbols. *The monsters in the Arcane River are at least lv200.*)

1) There is a higher chance to get the same type of monster, if you assemble your monster with a monster of another player's farm, and both monsters are of the same type.

2) There is a small chance to get a monster of a different type which you want, if you assemble your monster which is not of the type you want, with a monster of another's player's farm, and the other player's monster is of the type you want.

3) There is a higher chance to get the SAME RANK, OR A HIGHER RANK, if you assemble your monster of a certain rank, with a monster of another player's farm, and the other player's monster is of the same type, and of the same rank, or of one rank higher than the rank of your own monster.

4) After your (own, original) monster in your farm is assembled with a monster in another player’s farm, your (own, original) monster in your farm will still remain in your farm.

The created monster will also go to your new farm, therefore your farm will need to have space for 1 more monster.

Waru can be earned by harvesting the Waru from buildings, which you need to buy from the shop in the Monster Farm


***If you are lucky enough, you can see a shop icon on the left of the screen in Monster Farm. This means that the Special Shop is currently available. You can see if you want to buy any items from the Special Shop. The items sold in the Special Shop are sold in Waru ONLY.***

**You can also earn EXP and Waru by doing quests, playing with your monsters, and playing with other monsters in other players' farms. The storyline quests give more EXP and Waru as compared to the repeatable quests. 

***After every 10 repeatable quests are done, you will be given a Monster Life Gem coupon. Double-click it to use it, to gain 1 Monster Life Gem.***

There are items in the shop in Monster Farm, which are sold for GEMs. Repeatable quests can be given if you reset them every 3 hours, in Julian's house, at NPC Child (which looks like a fairy). The NPC for the shop in Monster Farm is "Zec".***
Earning mesos by extracting items using Monster farm currency "WARU".

1) In towns, look for NPCs Clara to Zec.

2) Exchange waru for Monster Life Coins at NPC Clara.

NO LONGER PRESENT: [3) At NPC Zec, you can choose to exchange 6 Monster Life Coins for a level 80 weapon box for a warrior, a magician, a bowman, a thief or a pirate. At NPC Zec, you can also choose to exchange 10 Monster Life Coins for a level 100 weapon box for a warrior, a magician, a bowman, a thief or a pirate. The weapon boxes are UNTRADABLE, but the weapons obtained from them are tradable.]

NO LONGER PRESENT: [4) In MapleStorySEA, you can sell the item crystals obtained from EXTRACTING level 80 and level 100 weapons, USING ALCHEMY (the ITEM CRYSTALS obtained are high in demand by other players, while the weapons are very low in demand!!!) for more mesos, as compared to the mesos you obtain from selling the level 80 and level 100 weapons to an NPC SHOP!!!]

5) Therefore, in towns, on the left side of your screen, click on QUICK MOVE. Then, click on the image showing an oval, golden/yellowish portal with a book on top of the portal in the image. That should be the profession town Ardentmill. Enter it.

6) In Ardentmill, learn Herbalism from the Herbalism NPC. Only after you have learnt Herbalism, then, proceed to learn Alchemy from the Alchemy NPC.


8) After you have reached your desired level of alchemy, please walk to the Alchemy Book beside the Alchemy NPC, and stand beside the Alchemy Book, as near as possible.

9) Open your inventory. Click on the bottom left button in your inventory, which is the EXTRACT button. An EXTRACTING window will appear.

10) Drag the item you want to EXTRACT into the EXTRACTING window which has appeared after you clicked on the EXTRACT button.

11) Extract the item. There will be a confirmation message to ask you one more time, on whether you want to extract the item. Accept it only if you are VERY SURE that you want to extract the item. Halfway through the extraction, YOU CAN CANCEL IT to stop the extraction, and nothing will happen to the item if you do that. Else, the item will be extracted to form at least 1 item crystal.

NO LONGER PRESENT: 12) It is possible to obtain more intermediate item crystals from level 70 to level 90 items, and a lesser advanced item crystals. The level 80 weapons fall inside this category. 

NO LONGER PRESENT: 13) It is possible to obtain more advanced item crystals from level 100 items, and lesser superior item crystals. The level 100 weapons fall inside this category.

Intermediate item crystals are worth 199,999 Mesos each.
Advanced item crystals are worth 99,999 mesos each.
Superior item crystals are worth 49,999 mesos each.

Related information: Extracting items which have their original levels being level 105 and above, may also give philosopher's stones, which are worth 74,999 mesos each in Bootes server. 

Thank you.

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