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[MapleSEA] Boosting a character's damage range using SOUL ENCHANTER AND A (requires 10 soul pieces) BOSS SOUL

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Soul weapon charge is charged up by defeating monsters and bosses.
A soul enchanter does NOT destroy a weapon if it fails. It is used to make a weapon turn into a SOUL WEAPON.
A SOUL WEAPON without a boss soul, at 900/1000 soul weapon charge, gives a 10wa/ma boost.
A SOUL WEAPON WITH a boss soul, at 900/1000 soul weapon charge, gives a 20wa/ma boost.
This soul weapon charge boosts resets when the weapon is unequipped, OR when you log out.
An UNTRADABLE BOSS SOUL is obtained by double-clicking on 10 UNTRADABLE soul pieces(soul shards) (drops from the party quest or expedition boss at an extremely low rate). It EXPIRES in 1 month (30 days), and successfully using it on a SOUL WEAPON (a weapon which has passeed a soul enchanter!!!), will NOT make the soul in the weapon expire in anyway.
Soul enchanters can be hunted from normal monsters in normal monster maps (NOT timed mini-dungeons). They also drop from expedition bosses at an extremely low chance. Which explains why I finally got a 60% soul enchanter ('Enhanced Soul Enchanter') from Normal mode Pierre from Root Abyss, which passed on my bishop main's wand, and I used 10 soul pieces from Normal Hilla to get a +4 weapon attack Hilla's soul .
There are 3 types of soul enchanters which drop from normal mosnters and bosses, to my knowledge. A 30% soul enchanter ('Entry Soul Enchanter'), a 60% soul enchancter ('Enhanced Soul Enchanter'), and a 75% soul enchanter (whose name I do not know).
A SOUL WEAPON WITH a boss soul, will produce the boss soul's image at 1000/1000 soul weapon charge. You will be allowed to use the skill by pressing the indicated arrow key combination. HOWEVER, this resets your soul weapon charge BACK TO 0/1000, i.e. your 20wa/ma boost will need to be recharged.
A photo album to illustrate all of the above:
UPDATE on 29 September 2014: As what my friend has told me, a soul weapon with a boss soul, can have its boss soul replaced with another soul, by dragging the soul from the use inventory into the weapon. The previous soul will be lost. I have just changed my boss soul from a +4wa boss soul from Normal Hilla, to a +10 to all stats boss soul from Normal Hilla, for my bishop (an explorer magician) main character.
UPDATE on 25 October 2014: The +10 to all stats Hilla boss soul has been replaced with a +15 int Hilla boss soul.

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