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[MapleSEA] Lv140 Sengoku Era 2 3-accessory set effect equipment (very important for unfunded level 140+ characters, to boost ...

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Link for level 140 accessory and set effect details:
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"[MapleStorySEA] Level 140 Sengoku Era 2 Content Patch SET":

"Sengoku Treasure Set

2 Set Effect: All Stats: +2Weapon/Magic Attack: +3Weapon/Magic Def: + 20
Total Damage: +3%

3 Set Effect: All Stats: +8Weapon/Magic Attack: +12Weapon/Magic Def: +80
Total Damage: +6%"

"Ayame’s Treasure

Category: BELT
All Stats: +10HP/MP: +200
Weapon/Magic Attack: +1
Weapon/Magic Def: +100
Number of Upgrades Available: 3
Hammer Applicable: Yes

Hayato’s Treasure

All Stats: +11
Weapon/Magic Attack: +7
Weapon/Magic Def: +100
Number of Upgrades Available: 1
Hammer Applicable: Yes

Kanna’s Treasure

Category: RING
All Stats: +5
HP/MP: +200
Weapon/Magic Attack: +1
Weapon/Magic Def: +150
Number of Upgrades Available: 1
Hammer Applicable: Yes"
To access the quest, accept the light bulb quest at level 140.
In any town > Mirror of Dimension > Zipangu > Far right portal > enter one more far right portal into a map with crows, then enter the top right GOLDEN portal, at a wooden post. (NOT A NORMAL, VISIBLE PORTAL) The portal will show itself to be golden when you are directly in front of the wooden post. Then, in the next map, enter the top far left portal, then keep entering far left portals, into Momijigaoka(Hometown of Hayato and Kanna characters). The first quest starts when you enter the far left portal at Momijigaoka. ***Please refer to the world map in Zipangu when you are doing this.***
IMPORTANT: For the quest that requires you to grow a plant or herb, then harvest it.
1. Defeat the ghost monsters in the first ghost map for their etc drop. You need 30 of it.
'ABSORBED/REGISTERED'!!!)!!!! onto the plant in the 1st ghost map. (Stage 4 of the plant should be reached!!!)
3. Go to the 2nd ghost map, and click on the plant there to collect the quest item.
To get each accessory, complete all quests in Hayato, Ayame and Kanna forms, only ONCE(one time) per form.
IMPORTANT: You need to use your own potions. Especially HEALTH potions. You also need to set your potions in the keyboard settings once you are in a new form. Your original skill settings for your character's original form will remain UNCHANGED.
Magician jobs will end up with VERY LOW HP. Please be careful.
If you die when fighting the final boss in any form (I did, using a magician job.), you can re-enter the Hieizan Dungeon in the same form to fight the final boss again, without doing the previous quests for the form.
IMPORTANT: After defeating the final boss in each form (which has DAMAGE REFLECT, and can hit up to 5000+ damage!!!),
Update: The boss for the 3 different forms, does about 10000+ damage when it is about to be defeated. IMPORTANT.
remember to click the thingy that says 'Click' for a very important quest item for the 'Will of the Planets' quest chain.
You only have three chances to do this(one for each form), and you only need to take it once.
For the 4th Will of the Planets quest, Hayato is located inside the brown tent at the far left, in Momijigaoka (Hayato's and Kanna's hometown). A golden portal should appear when you are directly outside the entrance of the tent. Credits to Andom Yeo for sharing the information on FaceBook.

*For getting the maximum accessory damage range boost by finding out the best combination with the lv90 Afterlands accessory set, lv115 Silent Crusade Mystic accessory set, and the lv140 Sengoku accessory set:*

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