Monday, 7 March 2016

[MapleSEA] My lv180 Zero's combination of connecting skills (hope it is useful to those who do not know which to use)

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A player asked in a FaceBook Group about this.
My answer was wrong that time, I am afraid. I apologise for that.
Do remember to train the ''Advanced" skills of the skills mentioned.
Photo album to illustrate:
After completing Alpha or Beta's attack skill cycle, use the next half(picture already shown at the bottom left of the screen)'s attack skills, within a 3-second gap, to activate the other half's assistance, for higher damage dealt to monsters.
When you see the Beta picture, use Alpha's skills:
Alpha skills to use
1) (Set Rolling Cross to a key in your keyboard settings as a hotkey) Press Rolling Cross once, and hold it, then press the arrow key which is opposite to the direction Alpha is facing, OR in the direction Alpha is facing.
2) (Set Flash Assault as a hotkey) Press Flash Assault and hold it, to activate Flash Assault and Spin Cutter/Advanced Spin Cutter (when you train the Advanced form of Spin Cutter.)
When you see the Alpha picture, use Beta's skills:
Beta's skills to use
1) (Set Spin Driver as a hotkey) Spin Driver, then hold it to activate Wheel Wind/Advanced Wheel Wind(when you train the Advanced form of Wheel Wind).
2) (Set Giga Crash as a hotkey) Giga Crash, then hold it to activate Falling Star.
Remember to train all required skills!!!

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