Monday, 7 March 2016

[MapleSEA] How to get a good pocket eq (2stats 2wa/ma or MORE), and how to unlock pocket eq slot

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 IMPORTANT: To unlock pocket eq slot, get your charm to lv30 by doing orbis PQ(party quest)  (in intermediate lv70 to 119 pqs) and kenta PQ (lv120 to 200 pqs) via the mirror of dimension, each round gives 26 charm, and each pq can be done 10 times a day. You can check your trait level for charm in 'profession' in keyboard settings.
Or try my friend's method (he commented in the note): "each zakum helm give 50 charm exp. i dun know is bugged or something but pass few day i was able to take multiple zakum helms. if got multiple zak helm. use ur alchemist profession to FUSE 2 zakum helms into brand new 1,( more 50 charm exp), by this method 2 zakum helm give 150 charm exp."
Then, using the herbalism profession, harvest herbs til u get the VERY RARE rose clipping, then you can unlock the pocket eq slot at lv30 charm, there will be a quest appearing at the left side of the screen when u reach lv30 charm.
Henesys market sells pocket eq that boosts hp, or your primary stat by 3, only:x

At the right side of your screen, an icon that appears like a glass chamber will appear.
You will be shown cutscenes of the maplestory storyline.
Then, you can access this from the Mirror of Dimension in towns, called Evolving System.
You can enter the system 5 times a day, with a 30 minute time-limit.
You can get less than 20 to more than 20 coins per round, by:
1. Doing all 'links' 's quests for 1 Evolving Coin Each.
2. Then farming the mobs in link 3 as the mobs are attracted to the centre of the map every once in a while.
Once you get 100 Evolving Coins, buy the untradable 2stats 2wa/ma pocket eq(ES Square).
Usually, after you obtain the ES Square pocket item equipment, it is automatically resurrection flamed to have +1 stats +1wa/ma more than its clean stats!!!
It will probably be a boosted form of it, i.e. the stats, wa and ma are higher than the stated form of the
pocket eq. It happened for my case. (I got +3STR, 5DEX, 6INT, 4LUK, 3WA, 4MA, 2accuracy 43avoidability for my bishop main.)
The mobs will drop cores that enable you to unlock a link, increase the mob spawn rate, increase the drop rate, change the music, change the background, change the mob's appearance, get lv100 eq, lv100 wep, lv110 wep, lv105 wep from the mobs, etc.

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