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[MapleSEA] Trait system ('profession' in keyboard settings)

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Maple Auction, Ardentmill professions and meso limit changes:

***Traits improve every 5 levels!!!***
Thus: The net improvement to your character for every 5 levels of the trait= The total improvement at level 100 of the trait (listed below!!!) DIVIDED by 20!!!!


IMPORTANT: To boost traits faster, you can purchase TRAIT BOOST POTIONS from EVENT COIN SHOPS WHICH HAVE THEM:
(Photo album for illustration). Thank you.


(Maximum Trait EXP earned daily=500 EXP, Maximum Trait level= level 100):
At level 100 of the individual traits:


1) Willpower:

+2000 hp at lv100 (+100 hp every 5 levels);

+100 DEF at lv100 (+5 DEF every 5 levels);

+20 status resistance at lv100 (+1 status resistance every 5 levels).

Method to earn willpower:

Do party quests (any town> 'Quick Move' > mirror of dimension> party quest entry> form a party (apply to a party or create one)> enter the party quest, get willpower upon completion.

Leveling your mining will increase a lot of willpower.


2) Insight:

Able to reveal hidden potential of lv120 & below equipment using the magnifying glass button in the inventory window at lv100;

+5% to elemental resistance ignored at lv100 (+0.5% to elemental resistance ignored every 10 levels).

Method to earn insight: Keep mining (learn mining profession from Ardentmill (via 'Quick Move' in towns) first)


3) Charm:

Gives different cash emotions from level 30, but quests have to be done.

You need only level 30 charm to unlock the pocket equipment slot with a rare herbing etc drop 'Rose Clipping'. 

Remember to get the pocket equipment item from Evolving System (unlock it when the light bulb quest at the left of the screen, at level 105, appears. 

Farm evolving coins at evolving system link 3(highest monster spawn rate area inside evolving system), to get 100 evolving coins for the pocket eq item. 

The clean stats of the pocket equipment (ES Square) are +2stats +2wa/ma, but usually, it is automatically resurrection flamed after you get it, and you will get at least +1 stats +1 wa/ma more than its clean stats!!! 

Methods to earn charm:

Do the New Leaf City Quiz at lv13 via Mirror of Dimension via Quick Move in towns.


Do lv70+ Orbis (Papa Pixie) and lv140+ Kenta Party Quests to earn 26 charm per completed party quest round.

***Earning fame will earn you 1 charm per fame.***


Do non-repeatable boss quest-chains for fame (in order of level):

1) Kerning City: Dyle the Crocodile

2) Orbis cloud region: Eliza

3) El Nath (before actually entering Dead Mine): Snowman boss

4) Mu Lung: Tae Roon ("bear" boss)

5) Mu Lung: Ghost Priest / Master Goblin ("cat on cloud" boss)


Do the *repeatable* quest-chain given by the stranded NPC (Non-Playable Character) who is an Omega Sector fighter.

This quest is activated after you obtain the SOS Letter (etc item) drop from defeating monsters in the Aquarium region. 

A light bulb quest should appear at the left of the screen to start the quest-chain.


Recommend only if you are able to defeat Normal Zakum (expedition boss):

Normal Zakum is able to use the 1hp/1mp effect and dispel player characters' skills.

Power elixirs and all-cure potions (Bishop's do not need all-cure potions because they have their 3rd job skill Dispel, which cannot be used when Angelic Vengeance is turned on) will be needed, especially power elixirs. 

Equipping Zakum Helmets gives fame.



Based on feedback from a player about the difficulty of obtaining charm trait EXP, because of the low number of players participating in Party Quests:

EDIT for the OTHER methods (other than Party Quests) of obtaining charm trait EXP:

1) Hunting lv75+ Afterlands permanent content's monsters for untradable trait potions, which give +5 trait EXP, according to the trait potions


2) Aqua Road (the region Aquarium town is in), has a stranded NPC (non-playable character), above sea level. To do the quest, you need to hunt monsters in the region to get a bottle with a SOS letter. Picking this item up, will unlock a light bulb quest at the left of the screen. The NPC will say that he is a member of the Omega Sector, and needs your help to tell Kenta in Aquarium town, to tell Omega Sector to rescue him from where he is at. This quest is gives *charm*/*fame*, and is REPEATABLE. The charm EXP/fame given per quest-chain completion is a fixed charm EXP/fame of about 2 to 10. I am unable to remember the exact number.


3) I am unable to recall which LINK in the Evolving System, gives charm trait EXP for completing the link's quest. (Accessible via the Mirror of Dimension once unlocked with its corresponding light bulb quest at the left of the screen, at the required level.) The charm EXP given should be around 5 if I remember correctly, and I think that it is below 26(of a Papa Pixie party quest/Kenta party quest round completion).


4) Certain expedition bosses (Not all. This includes bosses which are not in HARD MODE and not in CHAOS mode.) drop equipment which give charm EXP when equipped.

One example is Zakum helmet(s).


5) Event Coin shops sell trait boost potions at a very high event coin price. Trait potions are able to boost the selected trait (you can only choose one when using the trait potion) by many levels, so it should take about 3, to up to 5 trait boost potions for getting a trait from lv1 to lv100. Bearing in mind that charm only needs to reach lv30 to unlock the light bulb quest (at the left of the screen), for unlocking the pocket equipment slot quest.


6) The untradable *50*-Monster-Park-coin, ***time-limited (will expire)*** Face accessory equipment obtainable at the Monster Park shop NPC. (Monster Park is accessible from lv105 onwards, via the Mirror of Dimension in most towns, via Quick Move at the left side of the screen in most towns.) 100 ambition and 100 charm is obtained after equipping it.


7) NON-repeatable (NOT repeatable) quest which gives fame:
Lv13: New Leaf City Quiz (can be started via the Mayor NPC). Accessible via the Mirror
of Dimension in towns, via Quick Move at the left of the screen in towns. About 2 fame.


8) NON-repeatable (NOT repeatable) boss quest-chains which give fame:

1. Around lv40 to lv45: Kerning City (in Victoria Island) Dyle the crocodile boss quest, the NPC is JM from Tha Streetz (I cannot remember his exact name.) About 12 fame.

2. About lv70 to lv75: Eliza. Orbis cloud monster map region. About 20 fame.

3. About lv115: Snowman. El Nath - Dead Mine region(not inside the actual Dead Mine, please kindly check the world map. Thank you.). About 20 fame.

4. About lv130+: Tae Roon (bear boss). Mu Lung region. About 17 fame.

5. About lv130+: Ghost Priest (Cat on cloud boss). Mu Lung region. About 19 fame.


4) Empathy:

+2000 mp at lv100 (+100 mp every 5 levels);

Buff duration +10.0% at lv100 (0.5% every 5 levels).

Method to earn Empathy: Keep harvesting (learn herbalism profession from Ardentmill)

Leveling up your herbalism increases a lot of empathy.
5) Diligence:

+10% scroll passing chance at lv100 EXCLUDING potential and equipment enhancement scrolls also known as the 'special' scrolls (+0.5% scroll passing chance every 5 levels) ;

Double profession mastery (profession EXP) chance (when making items using profession) at lv100: +20%. (Double profession mastery chance +1% every 5 levels).

Method to earn diligence: Keep making items using profession in Ardentmill.

Leveing up your alchemy increases a lot of diligence. 

(Learning alchemy requires herbalism to be learnt first.)

***Reaching lv6 alchemy allows you to extract equipment/weapons up to lv120 for free, using the bottom left button in the inventory window, near the Alchemy npc (non-playable character) in Ardentmill (profession area).***

You earn 3 diligence per 1-fatigue-cost (crystal/herb oil respectively) item you craft using mining and herbalism.

This is an average of 3 diligence per fatigue cost.


You earn 15 diligence per 3-fatigue-cost (potion) item you craft.
This is an average of 5 diligence per fatigue cost.



6) Ambition:

Ignore 10% monster defense at lv100 (increase to % monster defense ignored every 5 levels is 0.5%);

Reduce death EXP % loss by 5% at lv100 (the % reduction every 5 levels, for death EXP % loss, is 0.25%).


CONCLUSION!!!!!!!!!*****Recommended traits to train:****
Train ambition, willpower and insight to level 100, and train charm to level 30 to unlock the pocket equipment slot with 'Rose Clipping'. Also train diligence to a level near level 100 for passing (non-potential & non-equip-enhancement scrolls more easily. (You probably should finish scrolling your main's eq/wep before reaching level 100 diligence (if you are a non-@cash player like me)

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