Monday, 7 March 2016

[MapleSEA] IMPORTANT INFORMATION on NEW JOBS to be released (Link skill, character card & other information)

Contents page:

Eunwol (Pirate, weapon : KNUCKLE, primary stat STR, secondary stat DEX) :
The maximum stat cap has been raised.
Your damage to monsters will now be affected by the difference in their level and yours. If they are lower level than you, your damage will be increased by a certain percentage but if they are higher than you, then your damage will be reduced."
"The sixth hero, EunWol has been added into the data! He is confirmed to be a pirate class that uses STR and a knuckle.

EunWol is not gender-restricted, but the illustrations of him are definitely the male version (take that, everyone who said he was a girl!). In addition, EunWol’s character card effects are 1%/2%/3%/5% minimum and maximum critical damage. (rank B/A/S/SS v30/60/100/200)
""Close Call: When hit by an attack that would lead to death, there is a 5%/10% chance of surviving. (Link Skill) (max level: 2)"
Beast Tamer (Magician, weapon : TAMER STICK, primary stat INT, secondary stat LUK):
Link Skill: +10/20/30% boss damage ( level 3 link skill might be lv170 according to the Internet, but I am not going to train my mules past the lv2 link
skill level of lv120)
Character card: +2/4/6/8% monster defense ignored (lv30/60/100/200 = rank B/A/S/SS character card)
Has a passive party boost to boost up to +40% drop rate/+40% monster experience received, for all party members in the same map.
Flame wizard (Magician, weapon : WAND or STAFF, primary stat INT, secondary stat LUK) &
night walker (Thief, weapon : CLAW, primary stat LUK, secondary stat DEX) (REVAMPED):
Cygnus Blessing: The awakened Empress’ blessing protects you from enemies’ attacks, increasing your resistance to states and elements. If other Cygnus jobs exist within your account, you can stack this Link Skill up to 5 times. If linked, this skill’s effects will be reduced. (Link Skill) Level 1: 5% resistance (2% if linked).Level 2: 10% resistance (5% if linked)." (TOTALLY THE SAME AS THE CURRENTLY REVAMPED 3 KNIGHTS OF CYGNUS (soul master, wind breaker and striker)
***Striker character card lv30/60/100/200 = rank B/A/S/SS= +2/3/4/5 weapon & magic damage X character level.
Flame wizard character card lv30/60/100/200 = rank B/A/S/SS= +0.5/1/1.5/2 magic damage X character level

BEFORE Flame Wizard and Night Walker are revamped, max level=lv120, max card rank A (lv60).

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