Monday, 7 March 2016

[MapleSEA BOSSING] - the skills to CURE Seduce/Zombify/an abnormal status effect at any 1 time- Hero's Will/Akatsuki Cleansing

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HAYATO and Kanna already have Akatsuki Cleansing upon 4th job advancement. All EXPLORERS EXCEPT ZEN have the skill upon 4th job advancement.
Just in case:
At lv120, go to leafre, find Chief Tatamo, accept and do the quest chain. The quest given by Chief Tatamo is 'Carta's Sin'. Carta the Sea Witch can found in the GOLDEN PORTAL the top left monster map (Deep Sea Gorge 1) of the dungeon region in the Aquarium region.
The reward is the skill Hero's Will:
level 5 (requires 5 of your Skill Points), cooldown 6 minutes, cures
1. Seduce -
(jump to left, or right, on random, cannot move, cannot use potions, cannot use skills)
2. Zombify-(a Priest or Bishop using HEAL will kill everyone, including himself or herself, in the party, who is 'zombified'.)
3. An abnormal status effect at any one time.

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