Monday, 7 March 2016

[MapleSEA] Root Abyss NORMAL Mode (requires high damage range!!!)

NORMAL ROOT ABYSS BOSSING (party of 1 to 6 to enter)
"C. Boss Related Updates
• Root Abyss Bosses: Minimum party member entry requirement has been changed to 1.
• Chaos Root Abyss & Cygnus Shard Drop Rates:
→ Number of equipment shards dropped individually has been decreased.
→ Party shared shards has been added.
• Normal Lotus Drops: Number of S-Grade Hypercores dropped has been increased."
Suspicious cubes worth 99,999 Mesos each , twisted essence of time 99,999 mesos each and lv110 resurrection flames worth 49,999 mesos each.
(For your information only, the price of a lv120 flame is 49,999 mesos each from normal Hilla expedition, which can be solo-ed twice a day, with the 2nd fight being at a different channel.)*** If you are able to buddy someone and share the suspicious cubes and flames equally, by taking turns to loot the next suspicious cube and next flame, there is a guaranteed 1 suspicious cube (not 100% drop chance) and 2 lv110 flames (100% drop chance, 1 flame per boss) per day just by fighting the 4 normal Root Abyss bosses per day.
***Twisted essence of time, worth 99,999 mesos each, drops from normal monsters which are lv95+, and bosses like normal mode Hilla and the 4 normal mode Root Abyss bosses. Thanks. ^^
There is a VERY LOW CHANCE of obtaining suspicious cubes by exchanging green Yggdrasil Rune Stones (from the NORMAL root abyss bosses) or blue Yggdrasil Rune Stones (from the middle root abyss lv180/190 monster dungeon) for equipment boxes from npc Oko in Root Abyss. For a higher chance, do NOT choose the weapon box as it requires 4 coins, the others require 2 coins per box only! 
Root Abyss keys (Deadwood keys) can be obtained via the free 5 daily key 'light bulb' quest, if you have defeated all 4 normal bosses (while doing their respective quests). Or, 1 can be bought from the npc for 100k mesos. Or 2 from the same npc, using 1 Yggdrasil Rune Stone (obtainable from normal Root Abyss bosses). All keys expire in 24 hours! You can only fight each boss, whether normal or chaos, once a day. You can enter the boss area with a key as long as you did not enter the portal into the boss map i.e. the portal inside the boss area (you will be fighting normal mobs around lv120 first)

Root Abyss normal bosses drop 1 SUSPICIOUS CUBE each (50% chance), which can be sold to players for 99,999 Mesos each.

They also drop 1 RESURRECTION FLAME Level 110 each (100% chance), which can be sold to players for 49,999 mesos each. (Price of Resurrection Flame Level 120 from normal Hilla is 49,999 mesos each.)



Because the boss areas can be entered repeatedly (1 key is used per entry), as long as you don't enter the portal inside, which leads to the boss, people (bishops & phantoms) are selling HS (Holy Symbol) service because it is a good method to train from lv100 to 119.


TIPS when fighting the normal bosses:


You are allowed to die 5 times, no EXP is lost for dying in NORMAL mode only.


1. Ban Ban (rooster/chicken boss): Dodge his staff blast attack and jumping earthquake attack (both stun and deal about 90+% of your HP!!!) 'Trap' him in the BLACK areas to increase the time remaining. The white areas decrease the time remaining, so AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS.


2. Pierre (clown boss): Do NOT attack him when you are wearing a clown hat (that he cast on you) that is of the same colour as his own hat, as you will end up healing him!!! When his hat is red, be careful, because after he teleports, he will go to a random spot in the boss map and start hammering the space just in front of him. You will die even with HEAVEN's DOOR on, if you get hit by that. When he CHASES a player, the flame trail he leaves behind does 2000 damage (before factoring in % elemental resistance) to you!!!


3. Bloody Queen: Be careful of her 'shield (barrier)' when her eyes are 'BLACK'. It is a DAMAGE REFLECT shield. Turn off all active skills that can deal damage when you touch or teleport towards or past her!!! Once she summons a mirror, destroy it immediately, failing which you will be 'sucked' towards it, and once you touch it, you will die no matter what!!! Be careful of the black areas she summons, which deal 2000 damage on you, unless you get out of it (teleport, jump out, anything)!!! Also stay behind her at ALL COSTS as her multi-hit flame attack deals so much damage that it can kill you.


4. Vellum: Dodge the rock attacks which don't deal damage but WILL STUN YOU. Also stay behind him at ALL COSTS as his fireball attack (attacks the space in front of him, from the one nearest to him, to the furthest, total of 3 fireballs), will 1-hit KILL YOU!!!!

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