Monday, 7 March 2016

[MapleSEA] 100% normal 1slot SCROLL SELLER scrolls that add to damage accordingly.

Contents page:

1. EARRING 100% scroll to add Magic Attack +1. (for magicians) Location: Any scroll seller
2. Overall Dex+1 100% scroll. Location, Kerning City Scroll seller. Warning: Buying a lot, for example, 50 at 1 go, will make you unable to buy anymore of this scroll for a few hours. Tested. A CLEAN Overall has 10 upgrade slots.
USEFUL only if primary stat is dex (for GUN-using pirates, and BOWMAN jobs), OR if secondary stat is DEX (All warriors, EXCEPT Demon Avenger, whose primary stat is HP, and secondary stat is STR.)
3. The respective weapon's 100% scrolls that add weapon attack or magic attack +1 accordingly. There is NO Dual Bowgun scroll and NO Cane scroll for that currently.

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