Monday, 7 March 2016

[MapleSEA] (Suggestion by a MapleSEAer) Getting Imperial Set from 'Fight for Azwan' for unfunded players (if Cygnus set is to...

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'Fight for Azwan' can be accessed via the Mirror of Dimension in towns. Please enter the Azwan Obelisk. Thank you.
*******IMPORTANT NOTE: The contributor has mentioned that the % hp boost is good for demon avengers. The damage range of a demon avenger is based on the total unharmed buffed damage range. 10% hp= +10% to damage range:x*******
The imperial set (from the shop on the right)requires azwan emperor coins, doing azwan hard mode (attack/occupy [much faster to complete, may be more difficult than defense] or defense[much slower to complete, may be easier than attack/occupy])can give you 5 emperor coins and 1 conqueror coin per round. There is a daily limit as indicated in the far right portal. 11 conqueror coins can be exchanged for 1 emperor coin on the shop on the left.
Total set effect of lv130 Imperial set: imperial set: 33 wa/ma, 20 stats + (20 of primary stat OR in some cases 10 of primary stat and 10 of secondary stat), +30% of monster defense ignored, total damage +12%, +20% hp/mp^0.o^. Screenshot proof (can be checked if your weapon is unequipped):
Compared with total set effect of the lv140 Cygnus(Empress) set, which has higher damage: 60wa/ma +20stats, +2skill levels, +30% boss dmg, +30% hp/mp^^ for Cygnus(Empress) set. Screenshot proof:
The lv140 Cygnus(Empress) set costs roughly few million mesos per piece for the 6 pieces (overall, hat, shoe, glove, cape, weapon), but not including the shoulder pad, and the 7th piece (the shoulder pad), can cost about few million mesos for the magician (magic damage type) shoulder pad, and few million mesos for the weapon damage type shoulder pads.
The lv105 Revolution set effect [requested by the contributor^^ to be included in the note] (as long as the red coin shop during the red patch is still around...): 25wa/ma, 17stats, 20% boss damage, +200 hp/mp-.-lllllllll. Screenshot:

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